PaDLAD - Participatory Design Of Learning Analytics Dashboards

PaDLAD productions

This page presents in an ante-chronological sequence the main tools we have developed for building a participatory toolkit for designing learning dashboards..


LADStudio is a LAD design and generation tool that allows LAD designers, and more broadly all stakeholders to build and implement potentially complex dashboards by providing only the highest level of information.

PaDLAD (Particpatory Design for LADs)

This second version of the kit, renamed PadLAD, includes new features: Persona, support for SenseMaking, more modularity…

Guides are available in the Docs section.


ePaddle is a web-based version of the Paddle tool. (first tool’s version) To discover and test the tool, you can visit the website dedicated to the project at the following address (in french):

Guides are available in the Docs section.


PADDLE stands for PArticipative Design of Dashboard for Learning in Education. Is a tool derived from the initial method. The following resoucres are intended for guiding the use of the tool

Kit for participatory design of LA dashboards

The initial tool was developed during HUBBLE project. It can be downloaded here.